Mark Ivanyo

Mark Ivanyo is a Houston-based attorney who is among the founding members of Republicans for National Renewal and serves as the group’s Executive Director. Ivanyo oversees the organization’s day-to-day activities from a national and international standpoint. He has hosted RNR’s multiple CPAC events in 2020 and 2021, along with several online events and proudly represented RNR on a variety of panels, radio shows, and podcasts.

Ivanyo is also involved with several Young Republican groups, particularly the Houston Young Republicans. Mark also regularly contributes opinion pieces to conservative publications to get the populist America First perspective out to the broader movement. Prior to the inception of RNR and during his time in law school, Mark served as the President of the Federalist Society, South Texas College of Law – Houston chapter. Additionally, he also served as the Vice President of the Republican Law Students and volunteered in numerous campaigns for Republican candidates.

Diodato "Die" Boucsieguez
Diodato “Dio” Boucsieguez joined the Republicans For National Renewal family as Western Regional Director in November 2019. Dio worked with the College Republicans at the University of Washington from 2016-18, serving as outreach director before graduating. He proudly watched in person as President Donald J. Trump signed a historic executive order promoting free speech on college campuses in March 2019.

Additionally, Dio has worked on multiple campaigns since 2016, including his own. In 2018, he ran for Washington State House in the 32nd Legislative District and was one of the youngest people to ever run for the Washington state legislature. He currently serves the 32nd Legislative District Republican Party as Vice Chairman and diligently serves his neighborhood Republicans as Precinct Committee Officer. He was also elected as an alternate delegate to the 2020 Republican National Convention in Jacksonville. He also co-founded the Snohomish County Young Republicans in June 2020,  becoming Vice Chairman. 

Seth Segal
Seth Segal is the Eastern Regional Director of Republicans for National Renewal and a graduate of Yeshiva University, where he majored in Political Science.

Seth is a Religious Jew who studies Torah daily and observes all Jewish Holidays. Seth is a teacher in an Orthodox Jewish community in NJ and an active member of the religious Jewish community in the NY and NJ areas. Seth’s Orthodox Jewish faith guides his right-wing conservative beliefs, having become religious at age 13 and subsequently becoming a conservative and eventually a registered Republican. He also serves as chair on the outreach committee for the New York State Young Republicans and is involved with the Queens chapter as well. Seth is excited to be a part of Republicans For National Renewal in order to make the case that a strong America is necessary to protect the rights of Jews and other believers.