Republicans for National Renewal is dedicated to working to promote a new conservative vision fit for 21st century America. In line with the spirit of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign, RNR seeks to advance bold ideas with a foundation in American nationalism and populism.

Legal immigration

For decades, politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored the American people’s cries for common-sense restrictions on legal immigration. Americans for National Renewal advocates halving current legal immigration numbers in order to preserve job opportunities and wages for American workers.

Illegal immigration

The scourge of illegal immigration has terrorized working communities across America and has undercut blue collar workers. Republicans for National Renewal calls for extensive border security measures including the construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, military deployments to the southern border, and increased funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to halt the unlawful transport of migrants and drugs into our country. In addition, we encourage cooperation between local and state law enforcement and federal authorities in enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.


For too long, Washington has dogmatically pursued the goal of unregulated free trade without regard for its impact on workers. Republicans for National Renewal calls for a reevaluation of our trade relationships to preserve American manufacturing and cut down outsourcing. We oppose new multilateral trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, instead supporting bilateral trade initiatives that protect American workers.

Foreign intervention

The failures of military action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have demonstrated that the United States should not attempt to be the policeman of the world. Republicans for National Renewal stresses a restrained, America First foreign policy that prioritizes the national interest over all other considerations. 

International Agreements

American sovereignty must be prioritized when considering international agreements. In particular, the US must avoid ceding any power to the United Nations. The Paris Climate Agreement serves as a prime example of globalist legislation that does not serve our country’s best interests.


Republicans for National Renewal calls for reducing the tax burden on working Americans. Instead of onerous income taxes, a gradual shift should take place towards tariffs on foreign goods in order to fund our government. Earned income tax credits must also be expanded to help lower income workers while incentivizing labor market participation.

Big tech

Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have increasingly become modern-day “town halls” for public discourse. However, often these platforms have treated conservatives unfairly, banning dissenting voices. Republicans for National Renewal advocates for common sense regulation of these companies to ensure the protection of free speech. Reform of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 1996 would be a reasonable first step towards increased accountability and respect for freedom of expression by social media platforms.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is imperative to maintaining a free society. Republicans for National Renewal supports expanded access to concealed and open carry, and strongly opposes the introduction of red flag laws or any new regulations on “assault weapons”.

Role of government

While there are areas where the government should step in to assist American workers and businesses, it should seek to avoid being overly intrusive into the lives of ordinary Americans. RNR opposes lockdowns, supports deconstructing the administrative state and reducing the regulatory burden on small businesses in America.


America’s infrastructure is rapidly crumbling. It is essential that additional funding be provided to fix our roads and bridges, particularly in neglected parts of our country such as the Rust Belt and Appalachia.