The California Republican Party (CAGOP) has passed a resolution in favor of President Donald Trump’s revolutionary Agenda 47 Plan.

Last week, the CAGOP approved a resolution endorsing Trump’s “powerful, optimistic policy solutions on energy, education, health care, restoring justice in the justice department, opposing government censorship, fighting drug trafficking, crime and homelessness, increasing border security, trade, strengthening working families, expanding the space program, implementing defensive missile systems, and preventing World War III.”

The resolution mirrors the language in the Republicans for National Renewal’s Precinct Action Center. The resolution, co-authored with activists from the Promethean PAC, contains a comprehensive description of Agenda 47 and establishes Agenda 47 to be at the core of any Republican Party activism during this crucial election season.

“Every state, district and county GOP apparatus across the nation needs to pass a resolution in favor of Agenda 47, and that must be followed up with action centered around strong populist and nationalist talking points that spread Agenda 47 to the masses,” said Shane Trejo, the Grassroots Director for Republicans for National Renewal and Chairman of We the Precinct.

“Agenda 47 is the message that will win over independents to the Trump agenda. We cannot listen to Republican establishment hacks on messaging. They have failed us time and again. We must take control of the message ourselves from the grassroots. It begins with passing our Agenda 47 resolution and building outward from there,” Trejo added.

The Republicans for National Renewal and We the Precinct resolution in favor of Agenda 47 can be accessed here. The Precinct Action Center, including additional resolutions on the issues of ‘Election Integrity’, ‘Ending the Deep State’, ‘Crushing RINOs’, ‘Justice for Jan. 6’, and ‘Stopping the Demographic Replacement of Americans’, can be reached at this link.