The Republicans for National Renewal (RNR) has officially launched their first state-based chapter in Texas as the organization grows following a successful event outside of CPAC in Orlando, Fla. in February.

“We are capitalizing on our momentum and launching the first state chapter of our organization,” said RNR executive director Mark Ivanyo. “The enthusiasm for America First causes is monumental and we are proud to help lead these efforts.”

RNR has been affecting change at the national level since its launch in 2020, developing a populist scorecard for federal lawmakers, organizing a successful youth lobbying campaign for President Trump to restrict immigration during the pandemic, hosting successful events across the country, and supporting only the strongest conservative legislators in Washington D.C. The organization hopes that their state chapters will allow them to exert influence on state GOP politics.

“Often times, it is the corrupt establishment Republicans, or RINOs as they are commonly called, who are more concerned with fighting patriots in their own party rather than the Democrats. This is not acceptable,” said Shane Trejo, RNR’s grassroots director. “In Texas, the situation seems to be particularly bad with these types undermining the state party from within.”

RNR Texas released a scathing press release accompanied by an aggressive social media campaign to expose leader of the Texas Republican Initiative (TRI), including trial attorney Mark McCaig and former Texas secretary of state Carlos Cascos, as a hostile fifth column working against the populist America First agenda in the Texas GOP.

“The TRI is part of a movement to subvert President Trump’s legacy in the GOP. What is scary is that this group of RINOs apparently has quite a bit of sway with Texas Governor Greg Abbott,” Trejo said.

Abbott infamously claimed the pro-free speech social media platform Gab was “anti-semitic” because they refuse to censor offensive comments posted on their platform. Even though Abbott bashed Gab, he ignores the plethora of offensive hate-filled comments posted on mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, while bowing before Amazon.

“I have a lot of respect for Governor Greg Abbott, his inspirational story, and support a great deal of his policies, but we have to call out our leaders when they get something wrong,” said Ivanyo, who is an attorney based out of Houston.

“On the issue of free speech and Big Tech, Abbott made a big mistake by opposing Gab. We must hold him accountable and pressure him to defend the 1st Amendment against tech giants who hate traditional American values,” he added.
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