HOUSTON, T.X. – Republicans for National Renewal has announced that it is endorsing David Giglio for U.S. Representative in California’s 20th district.

Mark Ivanyo, the executive director of Republicans for National Renewal, issued the following statement:

“It was great news when globalist RINO Kevin McCarthy was publicly humiliated and removed as House Speaker in unprecedented fashion. We applaud patriot David Giglio for emerging to finish the job and remove McCarthy from office in a final well-earned disgrace for this historic loser. Giglio has a proven record of fighting for the America First cause. Giglio is a small-business owner, not a career politician, and is the right man to hammer the final nails into McCarthy’s coffin. We enthusiastically support Giglio’s run for the Republican nomination in California’s 20th congressional district.”

To learn more about David Giglio’s campaign, visit his website here.