WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans for National Renewal has unveiled the very first national-populist scorecard at its launch event on Thursday. The scorecard incorporated 26 votes in the 116th Congress, including votes on immigration, trade, foreign policy, procurement, and defending the President.

Mark Ivanyo, the legislative director of Republicans for National Renewal, issued the following statement:

“Three years into the Trump presidency, there’s still a lot of resistance to the Trump agenda from Republicans in Congress. Almost all Republican members of the House claim to support President Trump, but our new scorecard reveals that many of them have dismal voting records when it comes to standing by the principles of his 2016 campaign platform.

“I’d like to congratulate Representatives Paul Gosar, Greg Steube and Andy Biggs for being the tied top scorers on the scorecard. I’d also like to make note of the other members of Congress who scored higher than 90%: Representatives Rick Allen, Scott Desjarlais, Steve King, Thomas Massie, Ralph Norman and John Abraham.”

The scorecard can be viewed at: www.rnrenewal.org/scorecard.