U.S. Senate: John Thormann

  • RNR recommends John Thormann. Thormann is running on a platform stressing controlled immigration and has aligned himself closely with President Trump. His main opponent, James Tarantin, is running on a platform that criticizes the Trump-driven direction of the Republican Party.

Governor: Dan Cox

  • RNR recommends Dan Cox and his running mate Gordana Schifanelli, for Governor and Lt. Governor respectively. Cox’s main opponent is Kelly Schulz, a close ally of RINO incumbent Gov. Larry Hogan. While it is understandable that blue state Governors may pursue different policies than those in safe red states, Hogan’s frequent and vocal criticism of President Trump has made him a liability for the party. A vote for Cox will send a clear message that the Hogan wing of the Maryland Republican Party is a thing of the past.

Attorney General: Michael Peroutka

  • RNR recommends Michael Peroutka, a long-time champion of immigration restrictions, law & order, medical freedom and election integrity. Peroutka is a patriotic paleoconservative who ran for President in 2004 to protest George W. Bush’s Iraq War. His nomination as Attorney General of Maryland would help affirm the rise of national-populism within the Republican Party. He is endorsed by Dan Cox.

Comptroller: Uncontested

  • There is only one Republican candidate running in this race.

U.S. House:

1st congressional district: Andy Harris

  • RNR recommends a vote for incumbent Andy Harris, due to his generally conservative voting record on key America First issues.

2nd congressional district: Berney Flowers

  • RNR recommends Berney Flowers, the strongest fundraising Republican candidate in this race. Flowers espouses a largely America First platform, railing against endless wars, mass illegal immigration, crime and vaccine mandates.

3rd congressional district: No recommendation

  • No candidate in this race deserves RNR’s recommendation. Lead candidate Yuripzy Morgan is very moderate and does not share her views on immigration, election integrity or other key issues on her campaign site. The libertarian-leaning Antonio Pitocco is strong on cryptocurrency and gun rights, but his weak stance on illegal immigration makes him untenable. Amal Torres espouses many neoconservative views on U.S. intervention overseas and the intelligence community. If you are in this district, you could vote for a minor candidate other than the three frontrunners as a protest vote.

4th congressional district: Jeff Warner

  • RNR recommends Jeff Warner, the strongest fundraising Republican candidate in this safe Democrat district. Warner is a social conservative.

5th congressional district: Tannis Villanova

  • RNR recommends Tannis Villanova in this safe Democrat district. The libertarian frontrunner in the Republican primary, Chris Palombi, is extremely weak on immigration, supporting a bi-partisan amnesty, though he is stronger on other issues like ending wars and coronavirus mandates. Vanessa Hoffman is strong on most domestic issues, but passionately advocates an extremely aggressive and dangerous policy towards Russia. Villanova, a minor candidate who at least advocates for election integrity and border security, appears to be marginally the best candidate in this primary.

6th congressional district: Neil Parrott

  • RNR recommends Neil Parrott. Parrott is a firm advocate of election integrity, border security, keeping critical race theory out of schools, America First trade policies and medical freedom, and has demonstrated a strong record in the state legislature. His primary opponent, Matthew Foldi, takes some positive stances on his campaign site on critical race theory and the border, but is backed by leading establishment RINOs such as Gov. Larry Hogan, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Don Bacon. On balance, Parrott has a far more compelling platform for America First voters.

7th congressional district: No recommendation

  • No candidate in this safe Democrat district deserves RNR’s recommendation. The only Republican candidate actively campaigning is Ray Bly, who despite his strong policy stances, has an extremely worrying legal history which makes him totally unsuitable as a candidate.

8th congressional district: Michael Yadeta

  • RNR recommends Michael Yadeta as a protest vote in this safe Democrat district. Yadeta at least takes America First positions on foreign wars and the trade deficit, while his Republican opponent, Gregory Coll, advocates a more globalist foreign policy and a substantial increase in legal immigration.