Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.

Congressional districts:

1st district: Trent Kelly

  • RNR recommends incumbent Trent Kelly due to his strongly conservative record in Congress.

2nd district: Brian Flowers

  • RNR recommends Brian Flowers, the most viable Republican in this safe Democrat district.

3rd district: Michael Cassidy

  • RNR has endorsed Michael Cassidy, an extremely strong champion of national-populist conservatism. Unlike his opponents, Cassidy will take on the establishment and put America first.

4th district: Carl Boyanton

  • RNR recommends Carl Boyanton, the strongest challenger to incumbent RINO Steven Palazzo. Palazzo is deeply out of step with Misssissippi values, being one of the leading Republican advocates of a federal vaccination database. Boyanton is committed to advancing the MAGA agenda.