Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.


U.S. Senate: Eric Greitens

  • RNR has endorsed Eric Greitens, a patriotic veteran who has championed replacing Mitch McConnell as Senate Republican Leader, enforcing strong immigration policies, staying out of the Ukraine conflict, and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Feared by the establishment, he will be an exceptional Senator if elected.

State Auditor: David Gregory

  • RNR recommends David Gregory, a strong conservative dedicated to tackling inflation, opposing CRT, Chinese land purchases, and illegal immigration, and putting the people of Missouri first.

U.S. House:

1st congressional district: Andrew Jones

  • RNR recommends Andrew Jones, the highest fundraising Republican candidate and an advocate of parental rights in education, in this safe Democrat district.

2nd congressional district: Tony Salvatore

  • RNR recommends Tony Salvatore as a protest vote against incumbent RINO Rep. Ann Wagner.

3rd congressional district: Brandon Wilkinson

  • RNR recommends MAGA populist Brandon Wilkinson as a protest vote against incumbent RINO Rep. Blaine Leutkemeyer.

4th congressional district: Mark Alford

  • RNR recommends Mark Alford due to his alignment with our positions on immigration and trade, and strong fundraising. Several of the other candidates, such as Kalena Bruce, have taken weaker positions on immigration.

5th congressional district: No recommendation

  • RNR makes no recommendation as there is no actively campaigning and fundraising Republican candidate in this race.

6th congressional district: Sam Graves

  • RNR recommends incumbent Rep. Sam Graves due to his generally conservative voting record and objection to the stolen 2020 election.

7th congressional district: Eric Burlison

  • RNR recommends Eric Burlison, who takes a solid stance on immigration and has aligned himself closely with patriotic Rep. Lauren Boebert. His primary opponent, Jay Wasson, is backed by the state establishment.

8th congressional district: Jason Smith

  • RNR recommends Jason Smith, a conservative Congressman with clear populist leanings and a generally strong voting record.

State Legislature:

RNR has endorsed one state legislature candidates in Missouri, listed below.

38th House district: Chris Lonsdale

  • RNR has endorsed Chris Lonsdale, a young America First leader with a bright future in the movement.