Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.


U.S. Senate: Riley Kuntz

  • RNR recommends Riley Kuntz as a protest vote against incumbent establishment RINO John Hoeven. Although Hoeven is likely to prevail, a strong result for Kuntz may help push him to the right in future.

Attorney General: Drew Wrigley

  • RNR recommends Drew Wrigley due to his passable record and the fact there is no alternative candidate.

Secretary of State: Marvin Lepp

  • RNR recommends Marvin Lepp as a protest vote over establishment frontrunner Michael Howe, who is strongly backed by special interests. A strong showing for Lepp will ensure that Howe remains committed to election integrity.

Agriculture Commisssioner: Doug Goehring

  • RNR recommends incumbent Doug Goehring as he is the only candidate in this race.

Tax Commissioner: Brian Kroshus

  • RNR recommends incumbent Brian Kroshus as he is the only candidate in this race.

Congressional districts:

At-large congressional district: No recommendation

  • RNR is disappointed with incumbent Kelly Armstrong’s poor voting record, but there is no alternative Republican candidate in this race.