Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.


U.S. Senate: T.W. Shannon

  • RNR recommends T.W. Shannon. Shannon is far superior to RINO frontrunner Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who called for January 6 protesters to be killed and voted for Democrat legislation such as the Violence Against Women Act. Unlike Mullin, Shannon opposes sending taxpayer money to fund the war in Ukraine.

State Treasurer: Clark Jolley

  • RNR recommends Clark Jolley. Jolley has taken a stronger stance against wokeness and cancel culture influencing state investments than his opponent. He has produced a clear platform outlining his agenda if elected on his campaign website.

Superintendent of Public Education: Ryan Walters

  • RNR recommends Ryan Walters, as Walters is leading the fight against critical race theory and gender ideology in Oklahoma schools. His opponent, April Grace, believes in ceding cultural issues to the left and focusing purely on the administrative side of education. Based on her stances, Grace may well have been a Democrat if she were not running in such a deep red state.

Corporation Commissioner: Todd Thomsen

  • RNR recommends Todd Thomsen due to his strong record in the state legislature.

Congressional districts:

2nd congressional district: Josh Brecheen

  • RNR recommends Josh Brecheen. Brecheen has said he would align with America First leaders such as Rep. Matt Rosendale and Rep. Josh Hawley if elected to Congress. In addition, Brecheen has come out against continued taxpayer funding for the Ukraine War, and has been endorsed by our previously endorsed candidate, former OK GOP Chair Josh Barnett.

State legislature:

Although RNR has not produced a voter guide for the state legislature, RNR previously endorsed one candidate for state legislature in Oklahoma:

2nd State Senate district: Jarrin Jackson

  • RNR has endorsed Jarrin Jackson. Jarrin Jackson is a full-spectrum America First candidate who has emphasized election integrity, border security and free speech during his campaign. He has the potential to be a leading light in our movement going forward.