U.S. Senate: No recommendation

  • Incumbent Republican Sen. Tim Scott is running unopposed in this primary.

Governor: Henry McMaster

  • RNR recommends incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster. McMaster deserves praise for banning vaccine passports in the state. Although his record is not perfect, he is worth re-electing as Governor.

Attorney General: Lauren Martel

  • RNR recommends Lauren Martel given her emphasis on election integrity, and as a protest vote to push incumbent Alan Wilson to be more active on challenging the Biden administration.

Secretary of State: Keith Blandford

  • RNR recommends Keith Blandford, due to his detailed, policy-driven platform that focuses on tangible ways to improve election integrity in South Carolina.

Treasurer: Curtis Loftis

  • RNR recommends incumbent Curtis Loftis, due to an acceptable record and the fact he is running unopposed in this primary.

Comptroller: Richard Eckstrom

  • RNR recommends incumbent Richard Eckstrom, due to an acceptable record and the fact he is running unopposed in this primary.

Superintendent of Education: Ellen Weaver

  • RNR recommends Ellen Weaver, who has championed parental rights in education. Weaver formerly worked for conservative firebrand Sen. Jim DeMint and boasts the endorsements of America First conservatives Rep. Ralph Norman and Rep. Jeff Duncan. Weaver is far superior to her establishment rival Kathy Maness, in her unabashedly conservative approach to education.

Agriculture Commissioner: Bill Bledsoe

  • RNR recommends Bill Bledsoe, a patriot from a strongly national-populist political background. Bledsoe was formerly a Constitution Party activist and has supported Donald Trump from day one of his presidential campaign.

Congressional districts:

1st district: Katie Arrington

  • RNR recommends challenger Katie Arrington over incumbent RINO Nancy Mace. Despite running as a MAGA loyalist and receiving a lower percentage of the vote than President Trump in her district, Mace quickly betrayed the people of South Carolina, emerging as one of the most progressive and anti-Trump members of Congress. An Arrington victory would send a clear warning to Republicans not to deceive their electorate.

2nd district: No recommendation

  • RNR is disappointed with incumbent Rep. Joe Wilson, but there is no alternative candidate in this race.

3rd district: Jeff Duncan

  • RNR recommends incumbent Rep. Jeff Duncan, a patriotic populist Congressman with one of the strongest voting records in the U.S. House. He is unopposed in this primary.

4th district: Mark Burns

  • RNR recommends Mark Burns, a firebrand Trump loyalist, over incumbent Rep. William Timmons. Although Timmons’ record is far from the worst in South Carolina, Burns deserves credit for his bold emphasis on national sovereignty and anti-globalism throughout his campaign.

5th district: Ralph Norman

  • RNR recommends incumbent Rep. Ralph Norman, due to him having a top-tier voting record in Congress. Norman has been consistently strong on immigration, foreign policy and draining the swamp. He is unopposed in this primary.

6th district: Duke Buckner

  • RNR recommends Duke Buckner, as he is the top fundraising Republican candidate in this safe Democrat district.

7th district: Russell Fry

  • RNR recommends that Republicans unite behind Trump-endorsed Russell Fry as the candidate to oust incumbent RINO Rep. Tom Rice in the first round of this primary. Ousting Rice, an impeachment supporter, will send a strong message to those that betray the base.