Allen West support image

Dear Chairman Allen West,

We would like to thank you profusely for fighting the Texas GOP establishment and giving us a leader who we could actually trust would have our backs. As Texas gets bluer and bluer, and with our nation on the cusp of falling to Marxism, you gave us a leader we could believe in. You gave us hope that the political fight within the GOP is not completely lost. 

Your courageous leadership shined light on the swamp within the Texas GOP. This RINO swamp is opening their arms for Big Tech’s invasion of our state, they are taking money from special interests promoting transgender children, they are acquiescing to Black Lives Matter’s uprising against civilization, and are allowing the invasion of our border, only to pose for a conveniently-timed photo op after doing nothing for months and months.

Our domestic enemies are more insidious and treacherous than any foreign enemy these days, with a frontal assault on our culture, our traditions, our faith, our families, and our prosperity. The enemy has captured most of our institutions and weaponized them against the good people of America. Most Republican leaders are willing to capitulate to this assault on our dear values. You, Chairman West, were never one of them.

When the Republican establishment in Austin punished small businesses with COVID-19 restrictions, Chairman West, you stood strong. You stood with the grassroots, which a state Republican chair has not done in this state for a long time. You did not conduct the people’s business with big money lobbyists in mind. You led with American patriots in mind, and, like President Donald Trump, you took the arrows from the interests that would see us destroyed.

We know your service to our state and our great nation is far from over, but we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for fighting the good fight not just to defend our freedom overseas but also for not forgetting the importance of fighting for the Constitution in the homeland.