National Organization Republicans for National Renewal is launching statewide operations in Texas to defend free speech against globalist RINO influence.

H.A. Turkington


The Republicans for National Renewal (RNR) is launching operations in Texas, the first of their state-based chapters, following the disgraceful attacks on free speech by members of the Texas Republican Party executive committee this past weekend.

On Saturday, the Texas GOP executive committee voted by a 35-25 margin to protect Big Tech monopolies at war with free speech by removing the Texas GOP account from the pro-free speech platform Gab.

These Republicans invoked a cancel culture tactic of the Left, calling the pro-Christian tech platform “anti-Semitic” because they refuse to censor content at the behest of the Anti-Defamation League and other liberal thought-control groups.

“It is bad enough when the Democrats resort to these tactics, but when Republicans do it, it is so much worse and we have seen it happen so much to Trump over the years,” said RNR executive director Mark Ivanyo, an attorney based out of Houston. “Rejecting Gab to kowtow to political correctness is Republican cancel culture at its worst.”

The operatives leading the charge to protect Big Tech monopolies against pro-free speech market competition have a long and sordid history of betraying conservatives and humiliating themselves in positions of power within the Texas GOP.

The Texas Republican Initiative (TRI) was founded last week to turn the clock back on the MAGA revolution on a statewide basis. The group are targeting Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West with their efforts, and they consider their anti-Gab campaign in opposition to free speech to be an early initial success:

Texas GOP Vice Chair Cat Parks and Texas Young Republicans Director Jason Vaughn worked with this fifth column to undermine free speech and fortify tech monopolies in the state of Texas:

The leaders of the TRI include trial attorney Mark McCaig, Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak, Cameron County GOP Chairwoman Morgan Cisneros Graham, former Texas GOP committeeman J.T. Edwards, and former Texas secretary of state Carlos Cascos.

Their history of political activity makes it abundantly clear that this is an organization that is working against the best interests of Republicans who wish to succeed electorally, despite their deliberately-misleading rhetoric designed to con GOP constituents.

McCaig, who serves as the TRI chairman, has a history of stabbing Republicans in the back to line his own pockets. He infamously joined up with Democrat attorney Steve Mostyn in 2014 to oppose bureaucratic reforms that would help ordinary Texans but hurt the profit margins of well-connected lawyers.

Texas state senator Larry Taylor called Mostyn “the No. 1 funder of Democrats statewide,” but that did not stop McCaig from jumping into bed with him. Mostyn spent $1 million to support pro-abortion state senator Wendy Davis’ failed run for governor alone. Mostyn and McCaig formed the astroturf Conservative Voters of Texas front group to undermine tort reform.

The well-respected Young Conservatives for Texas activist group was even forced to release a public denunciation of McCaig because he was disingenuously using their organization to attack his authentically Republican political opponents in the party. The chair at the time said McCaig “sold his conservative credentials to the highest bidder” and he would “make sure that conservative voters are informed of [McCaig’s] efforts to deceive them.” The vice chair at the time described McCaig as being “only concerned with reversing the conservative lawsuit reforms passed by Republicans over the last decade.”

Nearly ten years have gone by and McCaig is still playing his old games, trying to undermine GOP unity and success for personal profit. He is joined by a gang of Republicans struggling to cling to relevance as the GOP moves quickly in a populist, pro-worker direction.

Carlos Cascos is listed as TRI President, and he has been promoted by leaders like Gov. Greg Abbott as a model Hispanic leader for the Republican Party moving forward. The globalist establishment certainly finds him palatable as Cascos has been a vocal opponent of the America First economic agenda in the GOP, advocating publicly for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“People need to understand how many jobs are created in Texas because of direct trade with Mexico – half a million. And in the United States, six million jobs are created because of trade with Mexico. That is nothing to frown on, that is a big, big, job creator… If people want to talk about NAFTA and they want to talk about the loss of jobs, they want to talk about building up barriers, all we can do is state the facts,” Cascos said while touring the state in opposition of America First trade policies in 2016 prior to Trump’s victory.

“I will tell you what the facts are, regardless of who is in the White House, it does not matter if it is a he or she or it, what is important is we are going to continue that relationship with Mexico as best we can and we are going to stand by that,” he added.

Cascos is also a long-time opponent of strong border security policies, not only opposing President Trump’s border wall but also opposing any fencing on the border designed to keep illegals out.

“It’s still bad. A fence is a fence and I don’t support the concept of any kind of fence or barrier,” Cascos said after touring the border as a judge in 2009. 

He made it clear, nearly a decade later when Trump was the president, that his position on immigration had not changed.

“The border wall [dividing the U.S. and Mexico] is going to be an issue. I believe it’s wrong. I didn’t support the first fence,” he said in 2018 after departing from his role as secretary of state.

Matt Mackowiak, who also applauded the Texas GOP’s decision to block Gab and serves on the TRI leadership team, was a public enemy of Trump before being elected to his county GOP leadership. He deleted some embarrassing tweets on the night of the 2016 election in which he declared Trump the loser based off of biased exit polls released by the fake news media.

“Go f**k yourself. You just conceded the most winnable election in 50 years against the least popular Dem nom ever,” Mackowiak wrote. 

He added that “the lede of your NYT obituary will be that you are a loser, losing the most unlosable election in modern American history.” 

“You win particular credit for running the most inept, unserious presidential campaign in a century. Staffed by clowns, wasting money,” Mackowiak wrote. 

“Your natural instinct will be to lash out at everyone. You own this defeat. It’s yours. You earned it. No one else. Process that,” he added.

However, at the time of this press release, many embarrassing tweets remain active on his account that demonstrate his staunch opposition to the America First agenda of Trump’s GOP:

Another member of the TRI leadership team, Morgan Cisneros Graham, lost her nerve and deleted her post celebrating the Texas GOP’s public opposition to freedom of speech.

“Thankfully the [Texas GOP] Gab account is getting deleted. I’d like to thank my peers who recognized that not all “free speech platforms” should be promoted with our use. After all, porn forums and sites also purport themselves as such,” she wrote. Weakness is part and parcel of Graham’s leadership, as she voted to abstain on a resolution to open Texas last year.

While these underhanded TRI operatives should be blamed for undermining the 1st Amendment and going to war against President Trump’s America First agenda in the GOP, it must not be forgotten that they are receiving support from the top. Gov. Abbott, after all, used his office to oppose Gab while championing legislation that he claimed would facilitate additional digital censorship.

“Anti-Semitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas and certainly do not represent Texas values,” Abbott said. “What does represent Texas values is legislation like this by Representative King and Representative Goldman that fights antisemitism in Texas.”

While Abbott opposes free speech while claiming to be a crusader against anti-Semitism, his actual reasoning is more likely due to cronyism. Just last year, Abbott gushed over Amazon as they brought a massive robotics-fulfillment center in Waco. He appeared for the groundbreaking of the facility and championed the monolithic corporation whose founder Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and wages war against conservative values everyday.

“Texas continues to thrive as the nation’s premier destination for companies like Amazon thanks to our skilled workforce, diverse economy, and business-friendly model that promotes economic growth. This facility is the latest milestone in the strong partnership between Amazon and Texas, and I look forward to seeing the prosperity this facility will bring to the Waco community,” Abbott said.

While RNR certainly supports economic growth and business investment in the state of Texas, the organization does not support growth and investment at the expense of our core freedoms.

“With all due respect to the governor, it is not acceptable that freedom of speech is put on the backburner so Texans can get low-paying jobs with a corporate enterprise that is hostile to American values,” Ivanyo said.

“This is the type of leadership that has decimated the Republican Party, causing us to lose so many winnable elections, and will eventually leave us a blue state. I urge Gov. Abbott to reverse course and defend the 1st Amendment while bringing sustainable, well-paying jobs into Texas,” he added.

The new Republicans for National Renewal grassroots portal for Texas contains a portal with a sign up sheet so we can keep activists updated on all future initiatives to hold the Texas Republican Party accountable to the platform and eject all RINOs from office. RNRTX will unveil our RINO FILES in the upcoming weeks in order to root out all the snakes from the Texas Republican Swamp.

Republicans for National Renewal was formed in 2020 to promote a new conservative vision fit for 21st century America. In line with the spirit of the movement Donald Trump made with, our organization exists to advance bold ideas with a foundation of America First populism. Our group will be expanding into additional states in the weeks to come. More information can be found on our website,