HOUSTON, T.X. – Republicans for National Renewal is officially endorsing Donald J. Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

The group is issuing its endorsement as the state of New York plans an indictment of Trump, which is expected to culminate in an arrest of the former president on Tuesday.

“The upcoming arrest of Trump shows that the Democrats, the globalists and the deep state are scared and growing desperate,” said Republicans for National Renewal Executive Director Mark Ivanyo.

“They are losing their grip on power, their regime is no longer legitimate, and Trump is gaining momentum. This is a pathetic last gasp to stop what is inevitable,” he continued.

“Republicans for National Renewal is endorsing Trump for President to set the standard that we will not be intimidated or deterred by this Soviet-style persecution from the corrupt political establishment,” Ivanyo added.

Trump has released a series of bold political positions for his 2024 presidential campaign, including demands for a noninterventionist foreign policy regarding Ukraine, serious investigations into criminal elements within the federal government, and justice for patriots caught up in the Jan. 6 probe.

“Trump is the champion that the America First movement needs. There can be no substitute. To back down now is to surrender to the forces of evil,” said Shane Trejo, Grassroots Director for Republicans for National Renewal.

“The grassroots knows Trump is being attacked because of what he represents. He is the Napoleonic figure who has renewed our Party and our Country for America First. Every Republican must publicly oppose the politically-motivated persecution of Trump or be driven from our Party,” he added.