WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans for National Renewal has endorsed Raul Reyes for U.S. Representative in Texas’s 23rd congressional district, ahead of Tuesday’s primary runoff.

Mark Ivanyo, the legislative director of Republicans for National Renewal, issued the following statement:

“Raul Reyes is a staunchly pro-Trump conservative outsider who has emphasized national sovereignty at the core of his congressional campaign. He stands unrelentingly against mass low-skilled immigration, pledging to protect the wages of Americans.

“After years of failed leadership in this district from outgoing Never Trump Rep. Will Hurd – who boasts the second lowest score of any Republican Congressman on the Republicans for National Renewal scorecard – Republicans in Texas’s 23rd district deserve a Congressman who will have their back.

“That’s why it’s so vital that they vote for Raul Reyes, who will put the interests of ordinary working Americans over those of wealthy elites.”