WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans for National Renewal has announced it is endorsing incumbent U.S. Representative Steve King for re-election in Iowa’s 4th congressional district.

Taylor James, the political director of Republicans for National Renewal, issued the following statement:

“There are few members of Congress who have shown a commitment to the principles of putting America First like Rep. Steve King. He has an exceptional 93% score on our scorecard, which rates Republican members of the House of Representatives by adherence to the principles of the 2016 Trump campaign platform.

“In his years as a Congressman, Steve King has been a remarkably consistent advocate of protecting American jobs by restricting immigration and guest worker programs. Even prior to the rise of Trump, when amnesty for illegal aliens became fashionable within the party, Steve King stood as a lonely voice defending the interests of the American worker.

“Having identified Rep. King as a thorn in their side, the Washington establishment is now attempting to use political correctness and intentional misquotes propagated by the fake news media to oust him from office, running four primary challengers against him. In Steve King, Iowa Republicans have someone who will stick up for their values, not those of congressional leadership. We’re extremely proud to support his re-election bid.”