Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.


U.S. Senate: Rand Paul (incumbent)

  • Republicans for National Renewal recommends incumbent Rand Paul due to his strongly America First inclinations on foreign policy, willingness to buck the establishment in the Senate, and strong performance in congressional committees.

Congressional districts:

District 1: James Comer Jr (incumbent)

  • Republicans for National Renewal recommends James Comer as he has an above-average voting record, and faces no serious challenger.

District 2: Lee Watts

  • Republicans for National Renewal recommends Lee Watts as he is an America First hardliner, small business orientated, pro-life, pro-wall, and wants to secure elections against fraud, as opposed to moderate incumbent Brett Guthrie.

District 3: No recommendation

  • In this safe blue district, all R candidates are weak, likely unelectable, and do not reflect our platform well.

District 4: Thomas Massie (Incumbent)

  • Republicans for National Renewal recommends Thomas Massie due to his strong voting record, particularly on foreign policy and administrative state issues. Massie has raised $737,674.67, so is unlikely to lose in primary, regularly votes against RINOs, and is part of the “Conservative Fight Club” according to RedState. 

District 5: Richard Van Dam

  • Republicans for National Renewal recommends Richard Van Dam as he is firmly pro-life and anti-CRT, and puts a strong emphasis on securing our borders. Additionally, Van Dam likely has the highest chance of beating RINO Hal Rogers based on fundraising, as other challengers have not raised as much.

District 6: Derek Leonard Patteys

  • Republicans for National Renewal recommends Derek Patteys against incumbent RINO Andy Barr. Barr’s sole opposition in this primary has nothing but vague messages to look through and no known funds, however, so it would likely be nothing more than a protest vote.