Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.

Congressional districts:

  • 1st congressional district: Carol Miller
    • Given a lack of serious contenders and her decent track record according to our scorecard, RNR recommends voting for Carol Miller. Her fundraising far surpasses that of her opponents and she has generally voted favorably on at least some key issues over the last several years.
  • 2nd congressional district: Alex Mooney
    • RNR recommends voting for Alex Mooney this cycle. Endorsed by President Trump, Mooney has also received good marks from RNR on his legislative record. We particularly appreciate his efforts in steering the US away from the fiat money system and back towards the gold standard, supporting foreign land purchase reform, and his stand against the January 6 witch hunt. It is crucial that Mooney defeats RINO Rep. David McKinley, who is running against him this cycle following WV’s redistricting. 

State House:

  • 15th legislative district: Riley Keaton [RNR endorsed]
    • Riley Keaton has received RNR’s endorsement in his race due to his strong advocacy for a more national-populist Republican Party. He currently faces an establishment primary challenge, and it is important that Republicans unite behind him.