Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.


U.S. Senate: Ron Johnson

  • RNR recommends incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson due to his generally conservative voting record and support for election integrity.

Governor: Tim Michels

  • RNR recommends Tim Michels, the leading conservative candidate running against Rebecca Kleefisch, a stalwart of the Wisconsin Republican establishment. Michels has also been endorsed by President Trump.

Lt. Governor: Jonathan Wichmann

  • RNR recommends Jonathan Wichmann, an outsider businessman who took a leading role in opposing lockdowns in Wisconsin. Wichmann has a generally national-populist platform and has also been endorsed by General Mike Flynn.

Attorney General: Adam Jarchow

  • RNR recommends Adam Jarchow, who has emphasized a strong stance in favor of states’ rights, law & order and election integrity. His main opponent, Eric Toney, has taken anti-Trump and pro-lockdown stances in the past.

Secretary of State: Jay Schroeder

  • RNR recommends Jay Schroeder, an unquestionable champion of election integrity and an ally of renowned Arizona Republican Secretary of State nominee Mark Finchem. Schroeder as Secretary of State would ensure that we avoid the massive election fraud we have previously experienced in Wisconsin in future elections.

Treasurer: Orlando Owens

  • RNR recommends Orlando Owens due to his bold stances against critical race theory and COVID-19 mandates. His opponent has avoided these issues.

Congressional districts:

1st congressional district: Unopposed

  • There is only one Republican candidate running in this race.

2nd congressional district: Charity Barry

  • RNR recommends Charity Barry as the only Republican candidate actively campaigning in this safe Democrat district.

3rd congressional district: Unopposed

  • There is only one Republican candidate running in this race.

4th congressional district: Tim Rogers

  • RNR recommends Tim Rogers in this safe Democrat district, as his main primary opponent, Travis Clark, has expressed support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

5th congressional district: Unopposed

  • There is only one Republican candidate running in this race.

6th congressional district: Glenn Grothman

  • RNR recommends incumbent Rep. Glenn Grothman. Despite incumbent Rep. Glenn Grothman’s establishment voting record and support for certifying the illegitimate 2020 presidential election results, his sole opponent, Douglas Mullenix, has failed to criticize Grothman on these matters. Instead, Mullenix is running to the left of Grothman, espousing liberal views on climate change and abortion, and supporting raw milk prohibition. In this case, Grothman is the least bad candidate of the two.

7th congressional district: Tom Tiffany

  • RNR recommends incumbent Rep. Tom Tiffany due to his strongly America First voting record, which includes opposition to making Juneteenth a federal holiday, support for repealing the AUMF against Iraq, and support for election objections in 2020.

8th congressional district: Shaun Clarmont

  • RNR recommends Shaun Clarmont as a protest vote against incumbent RINO Mike Gallagher.