The following recommendations are not endorsements.

Governor: Brent Bien

  • RNR recommends Brent Bien against RINO incumbent Gov. Mark Gordon, due to Gordon’s weak stances on coronavirus restrictions and states’ rights. Although Gordon is expected to win re-election easily, a strong showing for Bien and other challengers could push him to the right.

Secretary of State: Chuck Gray

  • RNR recommends Chuck Gray, who has served as an America First champion the state legislature and holds a strong commitment to election integrity.

Treasurer: Curt Meier

  • RNR recommends Curt Meier due to his generally positive record and lack of any viable challenger.

Auditor: Unopposed

  • There is only one candidate running in this primary.

Superintendent of Public Education: Brian Schroeder

  • RNR recommends Brian Schroeder due to his strong commitment to keeping CRT and gender ideology indoctrination out of Wyoming schools.

At-large congressional district: Harriet Hageman

  • RNR recommends Harriet Hagemen. Although Hageman does not align with many of our policy stances, she is the main primary challenger against incumbent RINO impeachment supporter Rep. Liz Cheney. A defeat for Liz Cheney would be a major victory for our movement.