WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans for National Renewal has announced it is endorsing incumbent U.S. Representative Paul Gosar for re-election in Arizona’s 4th congressional district.

Taylor James, the political director of Republicans for National Renewal, issued the following statement:

“Paul Gosar has an outstanding record in Congress. He boasts a 96% score on our scorecard, which rates Republican members of the House of Representatives by adherence to the principles of the 2016 Trump campaign platform. This is the tied highest score in the scorecard overall.

“As a legislator, he has emerged as a leading figure in the effort to control immigration and protect American workers, putting forward novel legislation to end the much-abused OPT program. He has also been a strident advocate of a restrained foreign policy that puts American security and trade interests first.

“His primary opponent wants to see a return to business as usual in Washington. She’ll stand for the corporate lobbyists and their anti-worker agenda, while Paul Gosar will stand with the people of Arizona. We’re proud to endorse him for re-election.”