Thank you to all the great patriots across the country who supported us and our candidates during this election cycle. We are truly honored at the level of support we have achieved during the past year, and are pleased that Republican voters across the country found value in our endorsements and primary voter guides.

We are very proud to congratulate twenty of our endorsed candidates on winning their races:

  • Congressman-elect Mike Collins from Georgia’s 10th district
  • Congressman-elect Mike Ezell from Mississippi’s 4th district
  • Congressman-elect Max Miller from Ohio’s 7th district
  • Congresswoman Marjorie Greene from Georgia’s 14th district
  • Congresswoman Mary Miller from Illinois’s 15th district
  • Congressman Andrew Clyde from Georgia’s 9th district
  • Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona’s 4th district
  • Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona’s 5th district
  • Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida’s 1st district
  • Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida
  • Attorney General-elect Kris Kobach of Kansas 
  • Attorney General Ashley Moody of Florida
  • Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller of Texas
  • Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham of Texas
  • State Senator Anthony Kern from Arizona’s 27th district
  • State Representative Jeff Shipley from Iowa’s 87th district
  • State Representative-elect Austin Smith from Arizona’s 29th district
  • State Representative-elect Steve Montenegro from Arizona’s 29th district
  • State Representative-elect Chris Lonsdale from Missouri’s 38th district
  • State Representative-elect Nate Schatzline from Texas’s 93rd district

There are four races where RNR endorsed a candidate and the outcome has yet to be determined. We are confident that Abe Hamadeh (running for AG of Arizona) and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (running for re-election to Congress in Colorado’s 4th district) will prevail when the final results are in. The fact that it took so long to deliver results in several key races in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Washington state is a stain on the U.S. electoral process. It is vital that Republican officeholders in these states urgently hold election officials to account and work towards improving election integrity.

In addition, we would like to congratulate Senator-elect JD Vance of Ohio, Congresswoman-elect Anna Paulina Luna of Florida’s 14th district, Congressman-elect Cory Mills of Florida’s 1st district, Congressman-elect Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma’s 2nd district, Congressman-elect Eli Crane of Arizona’s 2nd district, and Secretary of State-elect Diego Morales of Indiana, all of whom we had expressed support for. We are confident that these candidates align closely with our America First values and will represent their constituents well in office.

That said, it is important to acknowledge that many key races where we endorsed a candidate did not turn out as we had hoped. The responsibility for this is very clear – it lies with weak Republican leadership that betrayed our nominees.

As early as September, Republican Governors’ Association (RGA) Chair Doug Ducey had declined funding for Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, dubbing him a “lost cause”. Though he lost by a significant margin, without that injection of critical national funding, he was never given a fair shot against the tens of millions being funneled to his Democrat opponent. Even in Arizona, where the RGA thankfully did get behind Kari Lake, they refused to cooperate with the MAGA-dominated Arizona Republican Party and instead only worked with an establishment-orientated county party.

In Arizona’s Senate race, Republican nominee Blake Masters pleaded unsuccessfully for more funding from Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), which ostensibly is dedicated to ensuring a Senate Republican majority. Instead, the SLF sent $9 million in funds to aid Sen. Lisa Murkowski against a challenge by Trump-backed Republican Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska. Unlike Arizona, this was a Republican vs. Republican contest, and therefore was completely irrelevant to building a Republican Senate majority. As with Mastriano, Masters’ funding was dwarfed by his Democrat opponent. SLF similarly abandoned RNR-endorsed Don Bolduc in New Hampshire, despite polling showing an increasingly tight race with the incumbent Democrat, all while bankrolling Colorado’s Joe O’Dea, a longshot candidate in a safe blue state who had been explicitly disavowed by President Trump. In the end, O’Dea lost by a margin of 4.5 points more than Bolduc did.

Some of the worst misconduct came from Tom Emmer’s National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the official House Republican fundraising apparatus. In Ohio’s 9th district, the NRCC pulled funding for JR Majewski, after failing in an attempt to dictate how to run his campaign. The story was the same in Nevada’s 4th district, where Sam Peters was similarly abandoned, despite ultimately only coming 3 percentage points behind his opponent in a Democrat-leaning district. This was just the latest in a trend of pathetic conduct by Emmer that included abject special election failures and a smear campaign against Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Despite overseeing this catastrophe, Emmer has not held answerable after the election, instead being promoted by House Republicans to Majority Whip.

However, Emmer was not alone in undermining MAGA candidates in the U.S. House. Although House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy did not directly oppose Republican nominees, through his Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), he spent millions on attacking Trump-endorsed Joe Kent in the first round of the Washington 3rd district jungle primary, in order to promote impeachment-supporting incumbent Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler. The millions that McCarthy spent targeting Kent, along with other MAGA candidates such as Anthony Sabatini of Florida and Carl Paladino of New York, could have instead gone to ensuring Kent and others won their general election races and delivering a much larger Republican majority in the House of Representatives. 

These four men must be held accountable for their actions. We will be advocating for county, district and state Republican parties across the country to pass censure resolutions against Ducey, McConnell, Emmer and McCarthy, and will be releasing template resolutions shortly.

Republicans for National Renewal will remain committed to advocating for strong candidates that are committed to President Trump’s America First agenda, as well as our primary goal of promoting this agenda within party institutions.