HOUSTON, T.X. – Republicans for National Renewal (RNR) has announced its endorsed slate for Tuesday’s House Republican leadership elections.

RNR is encouraging Republican members of Congress to vote for the following candidates:

Speaker: Andy Biggs

  • Andy Biggs is an extremely committed America First conservative, with one of the strongest voting records in Congress. We were proud to endorse him for re-election in the mid-terms. He would represent a tremendous improvement over incumbent House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, who failed to support the MAGA agenda during the mid-terms. Although it is apparent that Biggs is running largely as a negotiating tactic, Republican Congressmen should support his bold leadership challenge against the establishment.

Majority Leader: Uncontested

  • Steve Scalise is running uncontested.

Whip: Jim Banks

  • Jim Banks has long tied himself to the rising populist movement within the Republican Party. Although his voting record has been mixed, he is far superior to his disgraced opponent, NRCC Chair Tom Emmer. Emmer deserves punishment for his failures during the mid-terms, and Banks is the best-placed candidate to defeat him and deliver on grassroots priorities.

Conference Chair: Byron Donalds

  • Byron Donalds’ voting record in Congress is clearly far stronger than that of the incumbent, Elise Stefanik. Donalds has proven himself to be committed to enacting a MAGA agenda and deserves credit for his opposition to endless Ukraine aid. However, in recent years, Stefanik has emerged at times as a useful ally of the MAGA movement and has supported several America First candidates such as Carl Paladino and Carolina Serrano during the mid-terms. Although our preference is for Donalds, either of these two candidates would be suitable for this position.

Conference Secretary: Andrew Clyde

  • Andrew Clyde was endorsed by RNR for re-election during this election cycle due to his strong voting record and indisputable commitment to enacting the MAGA agenda. His main opponent, Lisa McClain, is a moderate and a certain ally of the establishment. We therefore intend to support Clyde in his bid for this position.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chair: Uncontested

  • Although this race is uncontested, RNR is broadly satisfied with the sole candidate running, Richard Hudson, due to his strong stances on election integrity and immigration.

Freshman President: No endorsement

  • RNR has no preference between George Santos and Russell Fry. Although both are broadly aligned with the party establishment, they also campaigned as strongly MAGA candidates. It is unlikely there will be a significant difference between them.

Freshman Steering Committee representative: Cory Mills

  • Cory Mills has aligned himself closely with the America First wing of the party and has pledged to push the party in a more populist direction. Mills assuming the freshman position on the Steering Committee would allow him to truly represent the will of the Republican base, which is counting on this Congress to resist Biden and promote the MAGA vision.