Recommendations are not endorsements. Endorsements are highlighted in red.


U.S. Senate: Tiffany Smiley

  • Endorsed by Trump and an advocate for disabled veterans, Smiley has what it takes to take on swamp monster Patty Murray.

Secretary of State: Mark Miloscia

  • Miloscia is a a former state legislator and Air Force veteran who has the experience and skills needed to take on Inslee-appointed Democrat Steve Hobbs. He is strongly emphasizing election integrity in his campaign.

Congressional districts:

1st congressional district: Vincent Cavaleri

  • RNR recommends Vincent Cavaleri. Current Mill Creek City Councilman, former military, and current law enforcement, Cavaleri knows the issues and is the Republican to beat swamp creature Susan Delbene in November. 

2nd congressional district: Leif Johnson

  • RNR recommends Leif Johnson. Strong on foreign policy, tough on China America First Republican Leif Johnson has what it takes to take on incumbent Rick Larsen.

3rd congressional district: Joe Kent

  • RNR has endorsed Joe Kent. We chose to endorse him early as Joe Kent is the best chance America First Republicans have of defeating the incumbent RINO impeachment supporter Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler. Kent has an exceptional populist platform on every issue from immigration to the rights of J6 detainees. We were pleased to see President Trump followed us in endorsing his candidacy.

4th congressional district: Loren Culp

  • RNR recommends Loren Culp, the Trump-endorsed candidate running against incumbent RINO impeachment supporter Rep. Dan Newhouse. Culp is a grassroots conservative, whose candidate survey showed had strong alignment on the issues with RNR’s priorities.

5th congressional district: No recommendation

  • Although RNR is disappointed with the voting record of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and her failure to support President Trump in objecting to the 2020 election results, there is no viable challenger in this race.

6th congressional district: Elisabeth Kreiselmaier

  • RNR recommends Elisabeth Kreiselmaier as she is the only viable Republican candidate in this race to unseat incumbent Derek Kilmer.

7th congressional district: Paul Glumaz

  • RNR recommends Paul Glumaz as he is the only viable Republican candidate in this race to unseat incumbent socialist Pramila Jayapal.

8th congressional district: Reagan Dunn

  • RNR recommends Reagan Dunn. In a hotly-contested purple district, Reagan Dunn has emerged as the candidate to beat. Dunn is giving incumbent Kim Scrier a run for her money. 

9th congressional district: Doug Basler

  • RNR recommends Doug Basler. Perennial candidate Doug is the only viable Republican candidate in this race to unseat the incumbent Democrat.

10th congressional district: Keith Swank

  • RNR recommends Keith Swank. Former Senatorial candiate and law enforcement Keith Swank is an America First Republican best suited to take on the incumbent Democrat.

State Legislature:

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